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Photo House is dedicated to making your business work. We take the time to sit down one on one with you and listen to all your business needs. The next step? Put together a solid plan and implement the necessary programs to help your business move forward. In a world this fast paced it is imperative that you stay up to date to ensure your business stays afloat.

Social Media Marketing when done right can work wonders for your business. However, if done incorrectly it can actually damage your image. Let us take a deep look into your Social Media campaign, see what you have been doing and strategize together to come up with the best possible plan.

Want to stand out in the crowd? Then your company must have original content. You cannot brand yourself using the same generic photos everyone else is using. You will have access to thousands of original photos that have been taken by us, and of course new content can be created according to your needs.

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can make all the difference.

Recipe for Success

  • Strategy
  • Knowledge
  • Passion

Our Story

Photo House started a little over 10 years ago as a small photography studio in Toronto. In the beginning we (as most photographers do) focused on wedding photography. There is an incredibly magical vibe at weddings, and they really are a joy to shoot. At that time we were also doing a lot of portraits - especially children's photography. Although we absolutely love wedding photography and babies we were growing rapidly and it was time to expand.

We found that over the years more and more people were asking for help with their business. We were being asked to design websites, organize businesses and even take over social media campaigns. And as it turns out - we were really good at it. As the demand grew we began educating ourselves more and our little Photo House grew in to what is is today. A one stop shop for photography, web design, online marketing and so much more. As our services grew so did our office. We are currently operating in Toronto, and we have recently expanded our reach to Greece. Greece intrigued us for it's diverse clientele, we realized that there is an endless amount of small businesses.

Our world has become so fast paced, every single day there's a new program, app, gadget or something that will make your life easier but it's hard for everyone to keep up. When you try to do everything yourself you will stretch yourself too thin and things will fall through the cracks. This will not only waste your time but it will cost you money. This is why sometimes it's necessary to call a professional.

We make it a point to keep our product knowledge up to date, as well as our equipment. These two factors are key.
They allow us to:
- arm you with exactly the software your company needs to operate smoothly.
- to ensure you are running your social media campaign on relevant networks.
- make sure your content is top quality.

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